• Sunday School Classes



We have many opportunities for youth to make friends, grow in faith, and serve God – on Sundays, weekdays, weekends, and during the summer. Youth are vital members and leaders within our congregation.

6th & 7th grades                      116                 
Confirmation (8th grade)         110                 
High School                            118                  

We have six different adult Sunday School classes and other opportunities for weekday and weeknight study and fellowship. You never stop growing in your faith – we believe that spiritual nurture is as important for adults as it is for children and youth.  Members of adult classes provide each other with insight, support and accountability in our Christian walk.

Encounters – Room 204 (Friendship Room)
Did you have a God-moment this week?  Members of the Encounters class share stories of how they experienced God in their lives during the past week before moving into the morning lesson.  The class is currently doing a 21 day study of the book of John.  Class leaders: Lindy Juergens & Mark Wolfe

Faith in Action – Room 112
This new class focuses on mission work, both in studies and in action.  The class is currently studying Max Lucado and Randy Frazier's Making Room for Neighbors.  Class leaders: Patti Yerke & Jim Carey

Seekers – Room 203 (Choir Room)
Always eager to dig deep into hard questions, members of the Seekers Class explore current topics with the Bible as a guide.  The class is currently studying Fearless by Max Lucado.  Class leader: Cherie Trembath. 

Singles - Room 106 (Library)
This is a new Sunday School class that caters to single persons.  The class will meet in the Library from 9:30 to 10:30 am.  It  will evolve around the bi-monthly United Methodist publication “Interpreter” and include elements of Bible study, current events, the United Methodist Discipline, United Methodist Connections, and social networking.  Class leader: Paul Cogger

Sunday to Monday – Starting the year in the Chapel!
A discussion-based class, Sunday to Monday explores three questions about the scripture passage used in the morning’s sermon: (1) What does this passage say? (2) What does this passage mean? (3) What is our response?  This in-depth study of a single scripture passage helps participants connect the Bible to real life, moving from Sunday message to Monday morning.  Class leader: Ed Willobee.

9:40's (Formerly Young Families) – Chapel
This class offers parents of young children a place to grow in faith with others who understand the challenges and joys of combining parenting, working, playing and service to others.   The class is currently studying No More Perfect Kids by Jill Savage & Kathy Koch.  Class leader: Erin Petricca.